Common causes of website crash, possible solution and prevention


If you have been building your audience and dreaming of receiving huge amounts of money as paycheque for probably advertising companies products/services to your audience or through any methods you use to make money from your website, then you have to be ready for attackers.

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Companies/Brands with millions of web visitors monthly are very fragile because the website is always open to attack either by robots or human beings it might even be some fault from the owners’ side.

So let’s look at some possible causes of websites crash before you fall victims unintentionally.

Possible causes of website crash


Hackers can attack vulnerable website, steal customers details and cause a site to crash. You can prevent this by securing your website, backup, use anti-virus and update plugins and software.

Expired Domain

A Domain is your unique identification on the internet (e.g www.cloudnetvox.com), domains are always bought from domains registrars companies it expires after the period you bought it for.

Therefore, you are required to always renew it (you can check out our awesome domain prices if you want to buy any domain or even when renewing/transferring)

However, if your domain subscription expires, your web contents will not be accessible by visitors. also, it won’t pop up in search engines when searched for, in so doing it has crashed your website.

To avoid this, you’ll have to keep track of your domain expiry date and renew in time.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL Certificate)?

Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, is a security protocol that uses modern encryption to send and receive sensitive information all over the internet. It works by creating a secure channel between a user’s browser, and the website’s server to which the user wants to connect to. Any information that passes through this channel is encrypted at one end and decrypted upon receipt on the other end.

Traffic Spike

A sudden/rapid increase in your web visitors may lead to slower loading time and eventually crash site if your website is unprepared to accommodate it. You can upgrade to a more accommodating plan or use Content Distribution Network (CDN) to optimize your website performance.

Code Error

Codes are delicate and very important as it contains operational instructions. An error in the coding however little may crash the entire website, if your web developer made any update/maintenance on your site recently and you are experiencing a crash, it’s likely that there has been an error in the coding. If you made any updates, you can carefully check again to find out possible error codes, if not, you can employ the service of a developer to help you out for better analysis.

Hosting provider/server error

Your WebHost provider may be undergoing maintenance or experiencing a downtime perhaps resulting from an issue encountered, this equally affects your site that is hosted on their server. You can reach out to your hosting provider to get feedback on the outages in their server and to ensure that they put in all precautionary measures to avoid reoccurrence in the future.

Plugin issues

Plugins are software that adds extra functionality to a website, most of these plugins are developed by people we don’t know, some are professionals while other are not, however, even if a professional develop a plugin, he would need to update it, negligence is likely to cause a site crash. Always use plugins that are compatible with your CMS.

In the case when the plugin you just installed is bad, it will cause your website to crash, you should uninstall the plugin immediately. Also, ensure you always update your site plugins.

Wrong hosting plan

Perhaps you started with a small hosting plan and your site has grown bigger than that plan, it may cause a site crash. As your website is growing, your hosting plan should grow along with it. Endeavour to upgrade to the next plan if your website has grown or is growing bigger than your current plan.


To sum up all things, the host company you hosted with are more responsible for your security that is why CloudNetvox are more focus on providing clients with Safe, Secure and fast web hosting services.

Starting from giving Domains, Web Hosting services and SSL Certificates we are rated best in Africa.

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