How to make money from your Website/Blog

How to make money from your Website/Blog

How to make money from your Website/Blog

Apart from following your passion, on the long-run, every blogger or website owner will eventually want to monetize his or her passion and here are a few ways you can easily achieve that.

However, you should understand that monetizing a website requires you to have a large audience.

That way the little cost per impressions a publisher pay you will pile up to become a huge income.

With that being said, Let’s look at How to make money from your Website/Blog, here are a few you could try out.

E-Commerce Site/Online Store

If you haven’t created a website yet, or you want to get an online store, then this option is for you

You can design your site to sell products and services, but you have to be systematic about it to stand out from the tons of eCommerce sites existing already.

There are many top eCommerce websites you will be competing with e.g Amazon, Alibaba, Jumia, Konga, Jiji, etc.

If you need more sales, it doesn’t hurt to put your goods on these top eCommerce site like Jumia while you grow yours.

The basic step to take is to build an audience from your social media platform and advertise daily the goods or services you have to offer (this is easier said than done) or through Affiliate Marketing.

Anyway, you can easily build your audience and meet potential customers by running ads campaigns online.

You can achieve this by employing a digital marketing consultant.

In case you need Digital Marketing services, you can contact CloudNetvox for that purpose.

Affiliate Marketing

If you already have an e-Commerce website and you are looking to improve sales then the best option after building an audience is to run an Affiliate programme.

They are two faces to this option;

1. The first, is that you can change your customers to Affiliate or
2. Second, become an Affiliate to other top e-commerce websites.

If you are using any of the two options, it is a quick way to earn money from your website/blog.

The first option will make your customers work for you by trying to get people that will buy products through their affiliate link.

This will enable them to earn a certain percentage if those they referred eventually buy a product from your website.

Here in the second option, you recommend products to your site visitors and email subscribers, if it resonates with them, they’ll click on your affiliate link to make purchases and you’ll get a commission from it.

You’ll have to advertise it on your blog to get visitors attention. You will also have to register as an affiliate in the company or site whose product you’re advertising.

Build an email list

This is quite profitable but takes a long time to turn passive visitors into passionate followers, creating tips, useful and free contents, and pushing it to visitors email can build their trust as well as become a conversion for you later on. Note: spamming their inbox may do the exact opposite.

Google Adsense (Pay Per Click Advertising)

Here, Google runs relevant ads on your site for example, if your site is about food then Google Adsense may advertise kitchen utensils/wares or DIY cooking ads on your site.

And you get paid each time a visitor on your site clicks on those ads. You’ll have to sign up for it, your cut is usually $0.50 – $5 per click but with enough traffic, you can make hundreds of millions of dollars from it.

Though this kind of publishing service is not only run by google, different publishing organisation also have this similar service but Google is the most reliable.

Sell Ebook or other digital products

Although this might be similar to e-commerce it’s not, what you sell are digital products, not physical goods that you have to deliver.

Examples of these Digital Goods are E-Books, Membership packages, Tutorial Video contents, etc.

You can sell your own Ebooks on your website, you are likely to make more money on this because there’s no middle man.

Although creating meaningful content, designing graphics etc may be demanding but if you pull it off, it can constitute a really means of an end to you.

You can sell Ad space

Selling Ads space to interested companies and organizations in your website/blog is one sure way of making money from your site, you can fix the price for the Ads space per month.

You can place the ad below the navigation or header or on the sidebar, the larger the ad the more it will pay you because it is more prominent and likely to be clicked.

You can also implore CPM (Cost Per Thousand) marketing where advertisers pay for every 1,000 impressions their ad get on your site.

It’s usually quoted “$1 per 1,000 impressions” however, you can also cost the advertiser $2 on 1,000 impressions.

Donations from visitors

You can use the Paypal donations button set up in your site to accept donations from site visitors, people who like what you are doing and where you’re heading are likely to make donations to you.

This is not a sure way of generating income as it may not turn out as expected but a little constant is better than a zero right??

Set up a teaching program

You can sell your own content and offer consulting services in your field of expertise.

Sell sponsored posts/generate leads for businesses.

These sponsored posts are posts you pinned on your website or post you make you make your visitors engaged more on.

Example: You tell visitors to share a sponsored post to their social handles in other to win a specific prize.

You have to make sure you give the prize to the winner as that will encourage them to engage next time.

If your millions of visitors share this posts in will reach approximately Ten Million more people.

So companies will pay you money to feature their contents on your sponsored posts.


You can pick any of these options and start with it, afterwards extend to any other options listed here.

But it won’t be easy after all they say “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, and the top internet earners today started from somewhere.

You can only make reasonable money if you have a large audience on your website.

So those are the simplest ways of How to make money from your Website/Blog for beginners.

Which option will you start from or which one are you finding difficult to start? Let’s get your answer via the comment section.

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